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Group work!

Watch the video. Bare in mind these words: Do, Help, Check, Self-check, Collaboration, Sharing, Coordination. What do these word mean? How would you apply them in a group work real situation.

Let’s set the rules for group work!

Brain storming session! Decide on the preliminary rules for group work . What do you expect when working in groups? Make a list and share it in class. In the PDF below you will find some ideas. Do they coincide with what you have thought about? Explain why they have […]

Wednesday 23rd – Cambridge Exam practice!

Either go back to the entry on Reading & Writing or get your printed material and do the following exercises: To be handed in on Thursday 24th. Exercises 1a , 1b on page 30. These two exercises are for you to enlarge your vocabulary so use your dictionaries! Remember to […]

Song: «Imagine»

Do you remember the man who wrote this phrase? What do you think of this phrase? Give your opinion. Get ready to discuss about it in class. John Lennon also composed a very famous song called «Imagine». Listen to the song and then complete the worksheet below. Did you like […]

How to be polite in English

We are going to learn about English manners and how to be polite in English. Draw a Venn Diagram and state the differences and similarities between the British and the Argentine cultures.

What are you going to be when you grow up?

Read the short story in the PDF below for Wednesday 16th. Look up the new words in the dictionary. Let’s analyse the characters in the story! Since there are more than one main character, change the first question in the PDF below to this one here: Do the characters in […]

Cambridge English – Key for Schools – Listening practice

In today’s class we are going to work on Exam task – Track 3, pages 54 and 55 on the PDF below. For further practice, do exercise 1 on page 54 and exercise 3 on page 55. We shall correct them all together in class so please do not hand […]

Exam topic list

This is a tentative list of the vocabulary you might come across in the Cambridge exam. Please, go through it and look up the new words in the dictionary. You may even like to start your own personal dictionary! Have you thought of a Picture Dictionary? You can build up […]