26 JUNE – The Emerald Crown

Hello!! If you have the booklet, read Chapter 6 on page 98. If you don´t have it, download chapter 6 from the file below.

When you have finished reading, do the activities below.

In your folder, copy the date and title.

1- Correct the mistakes in these sentences

a) Mary and Sir George Burnwell are friends.

b) Burnwell is one of the best men in the country.

c) Mary met Burnwell at the door by the stable lane.

d) In the fight, Arthur hit Burnwell above the mouth.

e) Holmes found two sets of emeralds in the snow in the stable lane.

f) Arthur saw Mary go downstairs with the key.

g) Holmes visited Burnwell´s house and spoke to his gardener.

h) Holmes took out his knife and put it in Burnwell´s head.

i) Holder wants to say goodbye to his son.

2- Choose the correct option. Copy the sentences in your folder

  1. The emeralds WERE STOLEN/STOLE by Mr. Burnwell.
  2. The case SOLVED/WAS SOLVED by Holmes and Watson in a day´s work.
  3. The emeralds WERE KEPT/WAS KEPT in a box at Burnwell´s house.
  4. Burnwell HIT/WAS HIT between the eyes.
  5. Arthur saw that the crown TWISTED/WAS TWISTED.
  6. Mary andBurnwell WERE SAW/WERE SEEN together.

3 – This is the end of the story. Please remember to have everything ready before the winter holidays!