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October, Friday 15th

1- Read and say if the sentences are TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false ones. https://www.liveworksheets.com/c?a=s&g=3rd%20form&s=English&t=kdj0klv44ap&sr=n&ms=uz&l=ry&i=unutdxz&r=hn&db=0&f=dzduuzuf&cd=pcnq2cay99dhlsixlxznmgwl2ngnxxgxexg 2- Cambridge exam activities. https://www.liveworksheets.com/c?a=s&g=3rd%20form&s=English&t=kdj0klv44ap&sr=n&ms=uz&l=au&i=udzdszf&r=vu&db=0&f=dzduuzuf&cd=pcnq2cay99dhldxxngnpgeyx2ngnxxgxexg

October, Thursday 14th

1-Watch and listen to the song. It has lots of ideas to fill your bucket!!! 2-Draw and decorate your own bucket. ( Dibuja en cartulina – del tamaño de una hoja de cuaderno- y decora a «bucket», lo usaremos en clases a tu regreso) 3- Draw your favourite hobby and […]

October, Tuesday 12th

1-LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND MATCH BORING COMFORTABLE DARK EXCITING AMAZING SCARY 2- Read again «AT THE MUSEUM» and complete the activities. 3- GO TO THE LINK AND COMPLETE THE ACTIVITIES. https://www.liveworksheets.com/c?a=s&g=3rd%20form&s=October&t=kdj0klv44ap&sr=n&ms=uz&l=vc&i=fnoon&r=vk&db=0&f=dzduuzud&cd=pcnq2cay99dhlykeljjlyc2ngnxxgxnxg

October, Thursday 7th

1- ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOU. 2- GO TO THE LINK AND CHOOSE THE CORRECT OPTION. https://www.liveworksheets.com/c?a=s&g=3rd%20fom&s=free%20time&t=kdj0klv44ap&sr=n&ms=uz&l=kv&i=udzzo&r=dt&db=0&f=dzduuzzs&cd=pcnq2cay99dhlcyxnggjnz2ngnxxggpxg 3- READ AND COMPETE THE ACTIVITIES.