September 15th.

Today is ____________________, September 15th.

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

It is __________, ______________ and _____________ today (sunny, rainy, snowy, cold)

I’m feeling ____________________ today (tired, happy, OK, very well, excited, sleepy, hungry)

Why are you feeling ______________________? Because_________________________________________.

Let’s RECYCLE and learn the use of the 3 R’s




We will watch the video during our Zoom meeting and I will read to you what is happening.

Let’s all sing along:

Please answer the questions:

  • Do you recycle at home? _____, I ___________.
  • What items do you recycle (put in separate bins)? _________________, ______________, _______________.
  • Do you reduce the amount of things you use? _____, I _______________.
  • Do you reinvent what you don’t need? _______, ________________.
  • What items do you reuse? _____________________, ___________________, _________________.

Please make a drawing or take a photo of what you reused.