What were you doing when your parents got back home?

What’s the difference between these two sentences? Draw a sequence of pictures to illustrate them. We will discuss them in class.

«When my dad arrived home, we had dinner».

«When my dad arrived home, we were having dinner».

Now, pay attention! We can use WHILE with the Past Continuous, too.

Narrate the story of Mrs Brewin. Start like this: «On 14th January 1978 Mrs Brewin was working in her garden. She was watering her plants while her cat, Henry, was playing around her. Then, it …»

Yet another list of irregular verbs! This one, however, has been grouped according to similar formation of their past tense and past participle form. Its goal is to make learning irregular verbs easier! Take a look at it!

«Let’s keep practising! Do the following exercises.