Hello! Today in class we talked about sleeping well and having good habits.

Listen to the man giving his opinion and complete the text using the words in the box. To listen, open the audio file «Sleeping is important».

Watch this video about the importance of sleep

1- Choose the correct option

a) Our sleep-awake cycle has got 24 / 12 / 8 hours.

b) Our internal biological clock is basically regulated by LIGHT/ SLEEP/OUR BRAIN

c) The circadian cycle is a natural process that INTERRUPTS/REGULATES the sleep-awake cycle.

2) What´s the relation between all these words? Use them to write (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) a paragraph about sleep.

3) Answer the questions

a) What 5 critical systems does our body regulate during sleep?

b) Who sleeps the most: giraffes, humans or the brown bat?

4) Look at the images below. Use them to write IN YOUR OWN WORDS, how the brain works at night. Include the following words: events of the day, dispose, busy, process, essential.