13 AUGUST- The Canterville Ghost

Today in class we read some more about «The Canterville Ghost».

Here you have the file with the pages, just in case you don´t have the booklet.

Do these activities based on what we have read. Remember to write DATE and TITLE BEFORE you start.

1) Solve the crossword puzzle

2) The family reacted differently to the ghost´s attempt to scare them. Answer the questions.

a) How did Mr. Otis react in the corridor? And the boys?

b) What was the boys´ reaction when they saw the stains every morning?

c) How did Virginia feel about what was happening?

d) Why was the ghost upset?

3) Circle (in different colours) the words you would use to describe a), b), c) and d)

4) In the file I have attached, you will notice that some words have been underlined in green. What or who do they refer to?


HE : Washington Otis

5) Do card #2 including a brief summary and vocabulary.

Have a nice afternoon!!