25 JUNE – Group B


You are going to listen to a person talking about a football fan called Nelson Paviotti, who is passionate about his country and the Brazilian national football team.

Brazil National Flag Waving On : Video de stock (totalmente libre ...

Click on the green button and do the pre-listening and after listening activities.

Then, do the activities below.

  1. Choose the correct answer

a) Nelson Paviotti has worn yellow, green, white and blue clothes _____1994. (for /since)

b) Attending funerals dressed in yellow has been _____. (sad/ strange)

c) His office is ____decorated in the flag´s colours. (almost/also)

d) How the decoration affects business is ______unknown. (not/still)

2. Complete the translated passage.

3. The passage below has some differences from what Nelson says in the video. Correct them.