19 JUNE – The Emerald Crown

Hello!! If you have the booklet, read Chapter 5 on page 95. If you don´t have it, download chapter 5 in the file below.

When you have finished reading, do the activities below.

1- Correct 6 mistakes in this summary of chapter 5

In your folder, copy the date and title.

2- Re- write the summary using the verbs in the past form.

3- Choose the correct word in each sentence. Copy the sentences in your folder.

  1. «You can´t come with me, Watson. I´ll (sea/see) you later this afternoon.» said Holmes.
  2. He used an old pair of glasses to cover his (phase/face).
  3. «I have discovered who the thief is. I (know/now/no) that it´s not Arthur!»
  4. Watson and Holmes had succeded, (once/ones) again.
  5. Watson was very tired. And he was hungry (two/to/too).
  6. (Buy/Bye/By) the time the truth was revealed, Arthur had already spent a night in jail.
  7. Mr Holder could believe that his own (son/sun) has taken the corner of the crown.
  8. «You have been very kind in coming (here/hear), Mr. Holmes», Holder said.
  9. Mr. Holder was sad because (won/one) more terrible thing had happened to him.
  10. Holmes and Watson just wanted that everything (would/wood) be OK.
  11. «I always said Arthur was innocent. And I know I´m (write/right),» Holmes stated.