2 June -GROUP A – Reading

  • If you want to work online, click below. Read the text and do the activities. Remember to send me your work anyway.
  • If you want to print and/or work on paper, read the text below.
  • Do the activities below
  1. Who prepares Lucas´s things and food for school?
  2. Is his English teacher a man or a woman?
  3. What subjects does he find a little difficult?
  4. What does the principal do during lunch time?
  5. Who is Kyle?
  6. What does Lucas think about his Math teacher?
  1. Lucas lives in a Spanish speaking country.
  2. He is new at school.
  3. He likes Art the most.
  4. Kyle and Lucas work together at Science class.
  5. Lucas´s mum picks him up after school.
  6. He is very tired after Gym class.
  1. How old do you think Lucas is?
  2. How does he get to school every day?
  3. How is his school?
  4. What does he do with Kyle after school?