Last week of May!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 3

On Tuesday, May 26th we will read chapter 3 together during our Zoom class!
Can you remember what has happened in the first two chapters? Let’s try re-telling it.
We will revise the vocabulary and activities connected to this new chapter.
Remember you can also listen to the chapter while reading. You will find the audio below.

This is the track you will need to listen to for the second activity from chapter 3.

Simons Cat – Daily Routines

Revising present simple .
Watch the video and do the interactive activities, but don’t forget the SUPER S!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 4

On Thursday, May 28th we will read chapter 4 together during our Zoom class!
What do you think will happen next? Prepare some predictions to share with the rest.

For example: I think Dorothy wont find the Emerald City.

Listen to chapter 4.

Cambridge Practice – Optional Activity

Here is some online practice for you to do! On Friday, May 29th we will do some more together during our Zoom class.

Reading and writing – Part 1

Reading and writing – Part 2


In this PDF file you will find some extra activites related to this week’s work.