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Kinder 5. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Cantamos e interpretamos la famosa canción «The Itsy Bitsy Spider» y escuchamos el cuento. Te invito a contar, repasar por la línea punteada y pintar las imágenes de la canción y el cuento. Hugs! MISS AGOS

Kinder 4. Review and Mr. Sun

Repasamos frases de presentación, números y colores. Escuchamos e interpretamos la canción «Mr. Sun». Te invito a cantar y bailar esta hermosa versión de la canción «Mr. Sun»… A kiss and a hug! I love you…MISS AGOS

Friday, October 23rd

Friday – Funday! After today’s class, relax with some old-school music and complete the worksheet using the FIRST CONDITIONAL.

Tuesday, September 15th

Today you’ll complete a song worksheet. I highly recommend you wear headphones when you do it, the sound is amazing! I’d also love to know how the music made you feel… During our Zoom class we will work on a different topic.

8 SEPTEMBER – SONG – Groups A & B

Last year, secondary kids presented the play «The Greatest Showman» for their Concert. It was a great show they gave! One of the songs was » A Million Dreams». Here you have a worksheet and a link to the song. Listen to the song and complete the guide. When you […]

Thursday, September 3rd

Listen to the song and complete worksheet. Do it online: Or download the PDF:

Wednesday, July 29th

Remember today we’ll make a craft! You will need the materials I asked for on Monday, July 27th ready for today’s class.*6 paper squares of 21cmx21cm (coloured of patterned).*6 paper rectangles of 5cmx10cm (again, coloured or patterned).*A piece of cardboard of 14cmx14cm.*Glue*Paper clips or a stapler And here is today’s […]

Friday, June 26th

Friday – Funday! Once again, you can choose from these two options:The live worksheet: Or…. The PDF file using the youtube song…

Wednesday, June 3rd

This is what we studied today during our Zoom class. You can watch the explanation again here: Today we will complete this song! You have two options, the liveworksheet (do it online and get your results) or the downloadable PDF and youtube video!You should do this activity after todays class, […]

Friday, May 22nd – Songs!

Here you have two songs to choose from! They are both from the movie «Tangled». Option 1: I’ve Got a Dream – Interactive activity Option 2: I see the light – Worksheet