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Thursday, October 1st

Today we will continue reading our book. We are close to the end, let’s see what happens next.❤️ Here’s chapter 8 and the audio: And the corresponding activities: For tomorrow you will need the following ingredients and utensils: 5 apples or pears 150gr sugar150gr butter150gr common flournuts (walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts) […]

Friday, September 25th

Yes! It’s Friday again, you’ve made it! Let’s enjoy chapter six from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland together… Here is chapter six: And the follow up activities:

Thursday, September 24th

Let’s continue exploring our wonderful nervous system! This is the activity we will work on today:

Tuesday, September 22nd

Hi kids! Welcome back. I hope you had a nice loooong weekend! Today we’ll continue with our book. Here is chapter 5 from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, remember we’ll read it together in class. And the activities…

Friday, June 5th

Live Worksheets – Let’s play with the past Practise what we have done so far with these two live worksheets! Was vs Were$_yr18112if Complete the sentences (affirmative and negative),_negative_-_part_2_-_regular_verbs_mr91146js

Monday, June 1st

The Wicked Witch of the West! Are you ready to meet the Wicked Witch of the West? Let’s read chapter 5 together on Monday, June 1st, during our Zoom class and see what happens next. As usual, you can re-read this part after the class and even listen to it. […]

Friday, May 22nd – Songs!

Here you have two songs to choose from! They are both from the movie «Tangled». Option 1: I’ve Got a Dream – Interactive activity Option 2: I see the light – Worksheet