Karina Chingotto

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October 18th – 22nd

Family Day: -On Sunday was “Family Day” think about the importance of families and the need of being together. Video: “The controller” https://youtu.be/U9Uh_H5mCbQ True or false: Benjamin is playing video games. _____ His mum is trapped in the game. _____ The dragon king is tiny. ______ His mum is not […]

October 12th – 15th

Young Achievers 1 -Pages 86, 87: Story: “A picnic in the park” (Present Continuous) -Page 88 (Present Continuous). Booklet -Pages 83, 84 and 85. Story: “Out of my House” -Pages 68, 69, 70 and 72 (Can/can’t + verbs) -Page 37: Numbers –Page 40: Prepositions + Present Continuous p. 38 (Pres. […]

October 4th – 7th

Nursery rhyme: Hickory Dickory Dock Watch the video and practise the nursery rhyme. Listen to the song and make a drawing. Animals Booklet: Pages 24, 25, 26 and 31. Poem «We are busy» (See booklet page 106) Art Animal finger puppets: Cut out the animals and create beautiful finger puppets! […]