October 20th – Past simple

Today is ____________________, October 20th.

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

It is __________, ______________ and _____________ today (sunny, rainy, snowy, cold)

I’m feeling ____________________ today (tired, happy, OK, very well, excited, sleepy, hungry)

Why are you feeling ______________________? Because_________________________________________.

Please listen to the story and read along

Let’s talk about the story, by answering the following questions:

  • Where did the old man live? He _______________ in _____ _______________________.
  • What was the weather like? The weather ________ ___________ _________________ .
  • Why did the old man need to sit down? He _____________ to sit down, because he ______ very hungry.
  • What did the boy do with his bread and soup? He _______________ to the old man.
  • What happened after they talked? The young boy ___________ the old man to go back home.
  • The did the boy discover in his pocket? He _______________________ a beautiful little bag.
  • What did the bag contain? It _____________________ a lot of gold coins.
  • Was the boy surprised? Yes, he ________.
Kisses, Miss Barbara