September 23rd TREES

Today is ____________________, September 23rd.

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

It is __________, ______________ and _____________ today (sunny, rainy, snowy, cold)

I’m feeling ____________________ today (tired, happy, OK, very well, excited, sleepy, hungry)

Why are you feeling ______________________? Because_________________________________________.

Please read and sing along the «Tree song»

You will do this experiment, after class!

Good to know:

Trees grow a new layer under the bark every year. But some trees, like redwoods (sequoias) and firs (abetos) for instance, grow more layers in a single year than others.

Don’t forget to divide the result by 2


If the trunk of the tree measures 200 centimeters, you divide 200 by 2 and the result is approximately, 100 years old (HALF of the measurement).

  • How old is the tree you measured? It’s ___________ years old.
  • How many trees have you got in your garden? I have got ________ trees.
  • How many things does a tree give us? _________, __________, __________, ___________, ___________.
  • Do you like to climb trees? ______, I _____.
  • When you climb a tree, do you reach the top? _______, I ________.
Have a great afternoon. Kisses, Miss Barbara