18 SEPTEMBER – The Canterville Ghost

This is the last part of the story! I hope you have enjoyed it! If you don´t have the book, here is the file with the pages you will need!

  1. Why doesn´t Virginia go down for dinner? Where do they look for her?
  2. What happened at midnight?
  3. Where does Virginia take her family? What does she show them?
  4. Describe the funeral.
  5. How does Virginia realize that the ghost was forgiven by God?

________ The family saw the skeleton and Virginia told them what had happened.

________ The Canterville Ghost could rest in peace because God had forgiven him.

________ Virginia didn´t come down for dinner that night.

________ At midnight, noises and thunder were heard and the family saw Virginia at the doorway.

________ The family organized a funeral, which was attended by many villagers.

________ The Otises looked everywhere, but unsuccessfully for their daughter.

________ Virginia led the family to the ghost´s room, where they found a skeleton.


1. In class, you worked in groups to write a summary of the WHOLE story in these 5 boxes.

2 . With the notes you have, create a NICE, CREATIVE, INTERESTING way of presenting the summary (comic, drawings, Power Point presentation, tik-tok, live worhsheet, acting, mini-book, animated computer programmes (Quick, Movie Maker, Clipstudio, Filmora, Flipsnack…), a song, a poem, …)

3. Once you have it, you will have to send ONE file PER GROUP.

Click on the link below, do the live worksheet and send me your answers.


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