17 – 23 SEPTEMBER – Maths – Group A

Today in class we saw how we can play by building different shapes changing their area, or their perimeter or both!

Here is a short video to revise what we saw in class!

1) Here are some activities for you to do after class and we will share the results next Wednesday!

2) Construct shapes making as FEW changes to the central shape as possible, so that they fulfill the conditions


a) same perimeter, smaller area

b) longer perimeter, smaller area

c) longer perimeter, same area

In class we will talk about these questions…

  1. Were some shapes easier to find than others?
  2. Could you find a shape to ALL the conditions?
  3. Could you find easy ways of calculating what you needed?
  4. Can you find any relation between area and perimeter?

3) Watch the video in the link below and use the same idea to complete the chart.


4) Watch this video and solve the problems WITHOUT DRAWING.


  1. If I have a board of 36 cm2,

a) how many different rectangular shapes can it have?

b) calculate and write the perimeter of each one.

b) which shape has the largest perimeter?

2. If I have a board of 34cm of perimeter and 42cm2 of area,

a) how many different rectangular shapes can I have?

b) if there are more than one, choose one and calculate the length and width.