7 SEPTEMBER – Phrases with «DREAM» Groups A & B

Today in class we learnt some expressions with the word «dream».

Do the quiz on this site (watch the video if you need some revision). Send me your score.


Complete the following sentences using the expressions with «dream».

a. Her dad wished the little girl _______________before tucking her in and turning off the light. Then, he closed the door and left the room.

b. The old woman was so happy! When she turned 80 she wished for a new house. A year later, her _______finally ___________________!!!

c. I didn´t want to come back from my summer holidays! The place was just fabulous like…it was like living __________________!

d. The hockey team had brought hope to its fans. Losing the final was something they had never imagined. The stadium was full of __________________________

e. When the teacher asked Peter to answer the questions, he said something that had nothing to do with the topic. He was obviously ______________________

f. Sarah was 15 years old. She told her friends that she would become a famous pop-star at the age of 16. They all looked at her and ironically said, «Yes, sure! _____________!»

g. The house they bought was just amazing! It was way beyond their _________________!

h. ____________________________I imagined that one day I would run a marathon. I feel so proud of myself!

i. I feel sorry for Daniella. Her plans are not realistic; they will never be more than a _______________________.