1 SEPTEMBER – Dreams interpretation – Listening & Writing – Group B

Today in class we looked for the meaning of dreams in some blogs.

Dream Eyes: Dreaming As A Way Of Seeing | HuffPost Life

Listen to a Hana and Daniel talking about dreams and their experiences .

1) Listen again and fill in the blanks.

Daniel: Hey Hana, you know, I had a horrible dream last _________, horrible.

Hana: Really, what is it about?

Daniel: Well I can’t tell you because it might become __________ so I’m not going tell, I’m just going to tell you I had a horrible dream, that’s it.

Hana: No, no, you have to tell me… like… I heard that you have to tell __________ that will come true.

Daniel: No, no, it’s the opposite, believe me. So, do you dream a ________?

Hana: Ahm, well yes, I usually remember my dream ___________ night but I forget it so I don’t really remember it now.

Daniel: Oh because, you know, I’ve been reading a lot about dreams because lately I’ve been dreaming a lot and some said that you dream every ____________ night , but the difference is whether if you remember the dream or not. So did you know that?

Hana: Yeah, I heard something _____________ to that. I heard that you dream seven dreams like seven different stories.

Daniel: Seven?

Hana: Yeah,  and you only remember the _____________ and sixth dream.

Daniel: Why is that?

Hana: I don’t know, you only can remember the fourth or fifth so that’s why sometimes when you have a dream, there are many different _______________.

Daniel: So.. that means if what we read is true, it’s like we dream every ____________ and every night we dream seven different stories.

Hana: Yes, and I heard it’s good if you tell your dreams down  while you remember it and it’s really ___________________________.

Daniel: Yeah, it is but even if you remember the dreams -because that has happened to me- you wake up, you remember the dream but really ________________ and really say you forget the dream. Has that happened to you?

Hana: Yeah, that happens to me a lot that’s why I __________________ really should keep a diary of my dreams because I heard a lot of things that you dream about can be hints for your ________________________ or what you’re doing.

Daniel: Oh that’s __________________ interesting. So well, I think I’m going to get a folder or something and keep it, you know, on my bedside table.

Hana: Yeah, me ______________.

2) There are 8 words which have been changed in the text. Find them and correct them.

3) Choose the correct answer

1) Who recently had a bad dream? 

 a) He did
 b) She did
 c) They both did

2) He says you dream _____ .  

a) not that often
 b) only sometimes
 c) every night

3) She says you remember the _____ dream .  

a) first
 b) fourth
 c) seventh

4) She says you should _____ .  

a) want to dream
 b) not worry about dreaming
 c) write dreams down

5) They both say they _____ .  

a) want to remember dreams
 b) forget their dreams
 c) keep a notebook

4) Imagine that Daniel told Hana what his dream was about. Write Hana´s interpretation of Daniel´s dream.

We will share your ideas in the class!!