1 SEPTEMBER – Dreams interpretation – Listening & Writing – Group A

Today in class we looked for the meaning of dreams in some blogs.

Dream Eyes: Dreaming As A Way Of Seeing | HuffPost Life

Listen to a man talking about dreams and his experience as a child and as an adult .

1- Listen again and fill in the blanks

I dream almost every ______. I have a lot of dreams and I remember most of them. I’m not sure what they mean. Some of them are quite _________. One day I’ll have to buy a _______on dreams and see if I can interpret them. When I was a little ______, I had really bad dreams. Real scary ones. They were probably ________rather than dreams. Usually it was some big, bad _________chasing me.  My dreams today are all very ________. Sometimes I’m speaking in another language in my dream. The ones I don’t like are the ones where I’m _________. But I my dreams where I’m ______. I sometimes have really nice dreams, but then my alarm ________goes off. I press snooze and try and get back into my dream for another __________ minutes.

2) Circle the things this man mentions he dreams or has dreamt about.

3) Choose ONE of the things he mentions and write an interpretation of what you think his dreams represent. You can either search for the meaning in the web, or just invent one.

We will share your ideas in the class!!