Hello! Today you will do some activities based on the story. If you don´t have the booklet, you will find the pages you need in the files below.

1 . Unscrumble de letters

2. Answer the questions

3. True or false?

a) The ghost was seen for the second time during the day.

b) The Children frightened the ghost with a pumpkin and a flashlight.

c) Virginia enjoyed the situation with her brothers.

d) The ghost stopped painting the stain because he has run out of paint.

e) Mr. Otis thought that the ghost might be in some kind of pain.

f) The only ghost that the ghost had seen before lived in another house, not at Canterville Chase.

g) The twins were visited at 2 o´clock at night.

h) The ghost remained in his room for 4 weeks.

4. What does the author mean when he says «Men´s hair had turned grey when they heard him laugh».

5. Making a COMIC

a) Choose any part of the story.

b) Divide that part into 6 panles for the comic.

c) Draw and colour the 6 different parts.

d) Write the dialogues and the time indicators. Use motion lines, sound indicators (BOOO, KA-BOOM! , CRACK!, …)

e) We will share our drwaings in class. This will be part of our project for the School Magazine.