August 18th – Contractions

Today is ____________________, August 18th.

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

It is __________, ______________ and _____________ today (sunny, rainy, snowy, cold)

I’m feeling ____________________ today (tired, happy, OK, very well, excited, sleepy, hungry)

Why are you feeling ______________________? Because_________________________________________ .

Long form and short form of the verbs:

Verb TO BE

Please listen and read the following story:

Please find in the story the short form of the verb TO BE and write it down:

Example: She’s (she is)



Please answer the questions about the story:

  • What’s in Hugo’s bag? ________________________________.
  • Where is his ruler? __________________________.
  • Who does he say bye to? __________ and _______.
  • Who does he say hi and hello to? _______________________ and ___________________________.
  • Does Hugo like the new playground? ________, he ____________.
  • What’s his teacher’s name? ___________.
  • What’s in Hugo’s bag? ___________, ___________________, ___________________, ______________.
  • Who lends Hugo a ruler? ______________.
  • How many pens does May have? ________.

Please complete the following online activities:

Have a great afternoon!!! Kisses, Miss Barbara