Justin Timberlake’s song «Can’t stop the feeling» was made to share with his son.

This turned out to be a «father and son» story. Watch the interview.

In the interview, Justin Timberlake said:

– «Having a child has influenced and affected me in a positive way.»

– «I really wanted to make something that I could share with him, with my son.»

– «I aspire to be the best that I can be.»

Discuss Justin Timberlake’s statements with your mum and dad. What do they think? Write down their answers.

Now, ask them… Has your mum or dad, or maybe both… Have they done something special to share with you? A song? A special meal? A bookcase? A toy? Could be anything! Could be more than one thing! Make a list and get ready to discuss this in class.

PST! Please, remember! Your parents have given you life and they are raising you to the best of their ability. Your parents’ best intentions at heart is what really counts and the love they put on everything they do for you!

By the way… what is the song about?