12 JUNE – Group B – The Emerald Crown

Read chapter 4 of the story «The Emerald Crown». I have attached the file in case you don´t have the Booklet.

Then, complete the sentences below using the words in the box only ONCE. There is one extra word.

  1. _____Holder wanted to solve the mystery, he decided to find Holmes.
  2. They all went to HOlder´s house ______solve the mystery.
  3. ______looking at the front garden, Holmes walked to the back of the house.
  4. _____Holder and Watson were cold, they got into the house.
  5. _______ Holder and Watson entered the house, Mary came in.
  6. Arthur still remains quiet_____he´s disppointed of his father.
  7. _____Holmes saw Mary, he told her he wanted to ask her some questions.
  8. Holmes asked Mary about the night before, ______she had heard a strange noise.
  9. ____putting the crown on the table, Holmes took it out of the box.
  10. Holmes told them to go to their house the following day____he could explain them what had happened.

Choose the correct answer

Find the words from the story and use them to complete Holmes´s notes about the mystery of the Emerald Crown.

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