1 June -Video watching – Group B

VIDEO 1 Watch the video about schools in other countries.

  • Complete the table writing something you find SIMILAR TO or DIFFERENT FROM your own school. You can also think about things which are peculiar about them or call your attention.
  • You don´t have to complete every cell, just the ones you consider interesting to mention. There is one example.
  • I have only written some countries here, but you MUST add the rest.
Amazonia, BRAZILon a boat

VIDEO 2 – Watch the video about a day in the life of KUMANI SADHNA

  1. The director of the school thinks that literacy is important because…
  2. What skills are developed at school? Why?
  3. Explain (in your own words) what Madhubala Sharma – the teacher- expresses about learning at her school.
  4. Does she seem happy or disappointed with the results?
  1. How can these children manage without internet?
  2. Do they seem to live a happy life? Why? Why not?
  3. Compared to what you read about Naina and Diya, how are these children´s life similar or different?
  4. These children help a lot at home and still have time to study and play. Do you help? How?